TeNaK Talk is a LIVE video Broadcast (Please pardon the spelling. We chose this particular spelling only because of website availability). Our goal is to have guest speakers who will be able to interact with the viewers and listeners, mostly on a Q&A format. We also have guest teachers and Authors to discuss their Books and or testimonies. All speakers are TaNaKh teachers only and will discuss topics ranging from the Hebrew Scriptures to the Christian New Testament.

Other Speakers coming to TeNaK Talk:

Rabbi Tovia Singer(Outreach Judaism)

Rabbi Michael Scobac(Jews for Judaism/Canada)

Simcha Jacobovici(The Naked Archaeologist)

Ross Nichols(Author: ‘Following Jesus…Out of Christianity’)

James Wood Jr.(Author: ‘Leaving Jesus’)

Rod Bryant( www.netiv.net )

Rabbi Stuart Federow(Author: Judaism and Christianity: A Contrast)

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan(Chabad.org)


The term TeNak Talk  is used for this website and YouTube as the proper spelling ofTenakh Talk was taken.
Using the phonetic version allowed us to continue with our goals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in searching us out. Since you are here please bookmark our website.

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